come on moonchild, you're so far away tonight...

Lalalala Lana

Current layout is by cartonage.

If something (layout, colorbars, icons, etc) is not credited otherwise, chances are it was made by me :D

My icon/layout/graphics comm: azuremoonicons Though I really haven't the energy/motivation to really do much with it. Meh.

Yes, this journal was formerly songstresslenne. I got a bit sick of that name, even though I went by it on here for over four years.

I've recently done some cleaning - cleared my friends list of inactive journals or people who I don't talk to anymore (or want to), and also removed a ton of comms I was in but never read.

And for fuck's sake, this isn't myspace. Don't go adding me to your friends list if I don't have the first clue who you are. I'm NOT going to add you back. And adding me without commenting on the Friends Only Post? Only acceptable if I added you first and you're adding me in return. And just as a memo, commenting on there is not a guarantee that you'll be added. I like to keep this to people that I know in some way, whether it's in real life, from another website, or from another LJ comm.